Safety Driving Tips with Your Baby

Driving with your baby can be fun. Parents enjoy driving with their babies because it is such a pleasant view when someone sees your baby on board plus the special bonding that you will experience. However, it can also be a tragic disaster if safety is not being considered. Although no parent would want their baby to have an accident anywhere, sometimes they seem to be satisfied with the safety tips they know. Below are very important tips on how to be safe when driving with your baby.

Let your baby be comfortable. Do not drive when your baby is hungry, thirsty or does not have enough sleep. No matter how you play with him, he will not enjoy the ride if he has problems. Use sun shield for both side and back of your car to avoid your baby to feel discomfort. Dressing your baby depending on the car temperature can also help. If he feels comfortable, you can concentrate on your driving. radio strap

Help your baby to enjoy the trip. If he is awake, music can also help your baby to relax. Radio, CD or even your own voice will do, as long as it is not too loud for your baby and you as a driver. You can also talk to him frequently and discuss to him what he sees. Again, if your baby is enjoying the trip, you can concentrate more on your driving.

Place all the necessary things within your reach. This includes diapers, full feeding bottles, toys and other important things you may need to use at once. Organize them in such a way you can easily get them. This will avoid you to be disturbed in your driving which is very important for safety. However, be careful when you really need to pull over.

Have someone with you. This is very much advisable especially if the travel will be long. It is better if your companion also knows how to drive and have his license with him. You can exchange seat with him when you feel tired or uncomfortable, and he can even play with your baby once in a while. Babies can disturb you anytime no matter how well you prepare.

Double check his safety gadgets. Although it is a common knowledge that you provide him safety straps, but it is better if you check it once in a while especially when he is awake. Babies may move in different directions and he may be tangled with it without your knowledge. You also cannot trust the straps all the time. Though you can blame manufacturers for a low quality product, it is still your responsibility as parent to ensure the safety of your baby.

Have a reminder at your back. Stickers like the one posted here will remind other drivers to take extra caution with you in case you get slower. They will also add some distance behind you because they know how hard it is to drive with a baby. Moreover, make the size and location visible at all angles. You can also smile at other drivers and point to them the location of your baby while they are going to overtake you, just to make sure they know that there is a baby inside your car.

With all of this, the best tip yet is to avoid your baby to be with you when you drive if it is not really necessary. In any accident, absence of body is better than presence of mind.



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