Plumbing: How Is This Profession Changing?

It used to be that houses were built with no inside water supply. There were no bathrooms indoors and no taps that would supply water. If you wanted water for your sink you’d go out to the well and fetch some, if you wanted it hot you’d have to heat it on your fire. Outside bathrooms were simply holes, there was nothing to flush and no water unless you took it with you in  Seattle Plumber  a bucket.

Luckily times changed, and with the advent of indoor plumbing and bathrooms in the home came the plumber. Plumbers were in charge of the pipes and fixtures like they are now, but to a lesser degree. Today’s plumbers are faced with a myriad of piping, building codes and multiple ‘wet’ rooms in each dwelling. They must contend with clogs and pipes bursting in the cold and other problems we didn’t have when we had no indoor plumbing. They must also make older dwellings to code as the codes for each area change to provide better safety measures for the citizens.

Plumbing tools have changed with the times as well. Now there are actual tools that are only used by plumbers to make their jobs easier. As things change, more and more companies are making parts for sinks and tubs and it is the job of the plumber to be able to think on his feet to figure out which part to use with which tool to get the job done. As each fixture gets more advanced and high tech, it is the plumber who has to keep up with the changes and always know how the next big thing works.

As technology changes, so do the ways plumbers go about their jobs. It used to be that if they suspected a tree was growing through a pipe, they’d have to dig around the pipe, get into it and visually see what was going on. This resulted in a lot of mess. Today they have special cameras attached to plumbing snakes that take a lot of the guesswork out of this job, and it is all done mess free. If they see where the problem is they can fix it, sometimes without digging. Technology is always advancing and the best plumbers will always be abreast of what is going on. They will continue to do their best for the homeowners as we will forever need that water supply.

Plumbers are professional and efficient in what they do every day. They keep abreast of changes and always do the best job possible. If you are in the Vancouver, Washington area and are in need of a great plumber,

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