Fashion Bonanza With Sterling Silver Jewelry

Gold has always remained a favorite with jewelry lovers. The purity of gold has even been mentioned in ancient Indian history. Compared to other metals, gold has been more often associated with ceremonious occasions, specially engagements and weddings.

With changing trends, people have found their favorites in other metals like platinum and sterling silver. Out of all the metals used in jewelry, BONANZAJP platinum is by far the most expensive. Diamond-studded platinum jewelry is a costly affair. People who crave for platinum jewelry might find tough to belt out enough cash for their desired purchase. That’s the reason why sterling silver jewelry is drawing more fans. Affordable and stylish, they are giving tough competition to gold and platinum jewelry.

Pure silver is actually a weak metal and needs to be mixed with alloys for more durability and strength. Sterling silver is actually a blend of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of alloys like copper. The word ‘sterling’ emerged in England in the 13th century, which probably meant “strong”, “firm”, “immovable”.

Sterling silver ornaments are perfect for everyday use. they is strong enough to withstand adversities of daily wear. When paired with professional attire, they create a fashion statement of their own. Sterling earrings (not the dangling ones) teamed with a simple sterling silver necklace makes you look classy, stylish and of course, a true professional.

For social occasions like a cocktail party, sterling silver accessories help accentuate your dress to lend it the desired elegance. You don’t need to spend a fortune for every other party. These items lend you the perfect appearance at two-thirds the price of gold or platinum jewelry. This is also one of the reasons why they are so popular with the youth- especially teens and college-goers. Bracelets made of leather with sterling silver plates are a craze with guys. The girls simply love the delicate dangling earrings with multi-colored stones. Chic, trendy, classy, versatile, and elegant jewelry offers every style in the fashion book. If fashion is all about wearing your attitude,¬† ¬†ensures your attitude is displayed in the right mood and at the right time.


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