Can’t the Movie End the Way I Want It To Without Me Asking for It? Yes, We Can Do That!

Indeed, I think we’ve all seen a movie or two where we loved the movie, but didn’t much like the ending. Okay so, sure it happens and realize that those in Hollywood make a living at adjusting the screenplay or modifying the novel that the movie is based to fit the desires of the masses. Thus, generally the movies come out with an ending we’d prefer because they want all us movie goers to be happy and therefore tell our friends – ignite the “buzz” and help them garner accolades and awards for the biggest blockbuster of the season.

One of the challenges comes when a movie is on a controversial topic, the good part is that controversy sells movie tickets, especially when the movie starts out and immediately – “events occur” and “conflict arises” – and yet, with such a diverse culture, and often divided along political, social, and economic lines, these movies do tend to offend. Sometimes the writers in their brilliance realize this and try to balance out the argument – often offending all sides equally. Still, if they offend too much they alienate a large percentage of their base you see.

The other day at Starbucks, I mentioned to an acquaintance a Science Fiction story I was developing – from a “short story” to a full-length novel plus screen play. When I explained the story, she guessed what she believed would be a great ending, but it wasn’t the one I chose, and I could see in her eyes, she really would have preferred the altered ดูหนังฟรี ending, even if it would be somewhat less scientifically correct – but why can’t it have two-endings I thought – or even multiple endings?

Why not, we live in a technological world, where anything is possible, and it won’t cost much to make multiple endings – just additional editing time, and with computer graphic tech – why wouldn’t you? Let me take this one step further, and explain how we are almost at the point, a paradigm shift in the movies we see, and how we enjoy or entertainment.

You see, there was an interesting article recently published titled; “Six Crazy Tech Predictions for 2012,” by Lance Ulanoff, and in it there was prediction #2 which was subtitled; “Scientists and Hollywood Develop New Way to End Movies,” and it stated;

“3D has pretty much flopped, it’s tough to get movie-goers into theaters. Scientists will partner with Hollywood studios to unveil a new technology known as “Fresh Ends.” Using CGI, Hollywood script writers, voice and context recognition and logic algorithms, Fresh Ends technology will generate new endings for the most popular films. These slightly rewritten movies will be re-released to theaters, just like the 3D rereleases, expected to add 15-20% increase to each film.”

Wow, now that sounds great, but I have an even better idea! One which is also possible based on the “Big Data” theory, search technologies, algorithmic probability, and user input online. It is possible to have a facial recognition scanner working as you enter a theater, and it will divert you to theater A, B, or C based on your preference, as the facial recognition scanner identifies you, finds out who you are, and scans all the information about you online – then puts you into the theater with the proper ending for your mindset, political views, or cultural connotations.

Think it can’t happen – think again, because right now the internet is already starting to do this. I think you might wish to read; “The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is Hiding from You” by Eli Pariser (Penguin Publishing). Now then, as the Internet blurs the real world with the virtual one, with technology such as augmented sunglasses identifying everything you see around you, and as artificial intelligence invades our space serving up appropriate content, information, and our personal preferences – the entertainment industry is a natural fit for this.

At first the scenario I gave above with the multiple endings in multiple movie theaters may not be viable, instead the theater may merely scan the crowd for the percentage of folks with various preferences and if 85% of the people are of one cultural motif, or political line of thinking, it will have one ending, and if the percentages are another way, a different one. Meanwhile, when you order a DVD of a movie or download a movie to you iPad or Tablet, you will be able to choose they type of ending, without them really giving it away;