Albany Bahamas – New York in the Bahamas


The luxurious Albany Bahamas hotel has many perks for discerning travelers. Owned by golfers Tiger Woods and Ernie Els, the resort is known as “New York in the Bahamas”. High net worth individuals and families looking for privacy and luxury will enjoy the opulence and world-class services that come with a stay at the Albany Bahamas hotel. The boutique hotel is not just for luxurious vacations, it can also accommodate lavish weddings and corporate events.

The Albany Bahamas is an oceanside luxury albany bahamas resort community that redefines island living. Located on the island of New Providence, Albany is a 600-acre masterpiece of contemporary design. Among its amenities are a golf course designed by Ernie Els, a private yacht marina, equestrian ranchettes, and waterfront residences. The resort will also boast several pools and restaurants that cater to a wide variety of tastes and lifestyles.

The Albany Bahamas is a modern paradise-like beach resort community on the southern coast of New Providence Island. Its multi-million-dollar luxury properties are home to the world’s richest residents and open to the jet-setting crowd. In addition to its beachside location, the island’s amenities include a luxury golf course and a modern mega-yacht marina. There’s also a spa and fitness center. You can even engage in equestrian activities, tennis, and boxing.

Albany Bahamas is a 600-acre luxury resort community on the island of New Providence. Its renowned golf course was designed by Tiger Woods and Ernie Els and features numerous fine-dining restaurants and luxury boutique hotels. The community also boasts a 71-slip mega-yacht marina with the latest dock design. The community also features a historical mansion owned by French film maker Jean Chalopin. Throughout the community, Albany features a wide variety of luxury real estate options and exemplary service.

The spacious accommodations at Albany Bahamas include a luxurious apartment-style condominium surrounded by yachts. The apartments and villas have private balconies, many of which overlook the marina. Many guests may leave patio doors open. Consequently, the air conditioning would turn on to compensate for this. The humid air outside would condense near the vents, causing leaks in pipes, ice makers, and walls. There was also a laundry facility in the building, a juice bar, and a seasonal pop-up that served a local delicacy.

For those interested in golf, the hotel offers an 18-hole golf course with clubhouse and shop. Guests can also relax in the spa and salon, and partake in a state-of-the-art boardroom facility. The hotel also has multiple shops, a professional music studio, and equestrian centre. The hotel is also home to a movie theater. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury and sophistication, the Albany is an outstanding choice.

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