5 Creative Ideas to Quit Smoking Today

Hundreds of books were published to inform the public of the benefits quitting today. Unfortunately, only a few of these books have landed on different bestseller lists. There are numerous review sites but people are more interested in satisfying their perversion over the internet, than trying to quit smoking today.

It seems that the campaign “quit smoking today” needs more ideas to effectively persuade the public. Here are some creative ideas for stop smoking reviews sites in their advocacy to encourage people for a smoke free world.

1. Stop smoking reviews sites should be encouraged to post disturbing images that will emphasize the ill effects of smoking. Stop smoking reviews sites should be littered with pictures of people on their deathbed, photo scans of damaged internal organs thanks to smoking and other images of people whose bodies were destroyed because they stubbornly refused to quit smoking today.

2. Encourage other websites to allow stop smoking reviews advertisements free of charge and in turn the government will reward the sponsor sites with subsidies or tax exemptions. This is more cost effective than subsidizing health care programs. Some stop smoking reviews sites noted that the cost of treating lung cancer due to smoking reached $143billion in the US alone. For sure, giving incentives to host stop smoking reviews in different web sites will not dent the national treasury. If the government is really serious in encouraging its citizens to quit smoking today, it should do its share seriously and concretely.

3. Packaging of cigarettes should be altered to include images of the ill effects of smoking. People tend to patronize products that are beautifully packaged. Having these images will discourage people to buy the products, seeing disturbing images on each cigarette pack may do the trick in urging people to quit smoking today. Stop smoking reviews sites on the other hand can complement this suggestion by encouraging people to post their photographs and share these with cigarette manufacturers.

4. Reviews site owners can extend their quit smoking today advocacy by using their skills, talents, and resources and holding offline activities such as “Search For The Most Heavily Damaged Bodies Due To Smoking.” Events like this should be well documented, frequently implemented and accompanying pictures must be posted in all stop smoking reviews sites. It will indulge the winners and contestants with their own 15 minutes of fame and at the same time show the public concrete images of the ill effects of delaying the decision to quit smoking today. This type of search might be eclectic but as mentioned earlier in this article, the campaign to quit smoking today needs more than conventional approaches. Today World Info

5. Penalize smokers with heavy taxes. The impact that they contributed in damaging the environment maybe small but bear in mind; a damage is a damage no mater how you see it. Stop smoking reviews sites should include monitoring and profiling smokers and share the information with the government to help it collect appropriate penalties and taxes from smokers. Extracting money from them may help smokers decide to quit smoking today.


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